#ArdRockReady does what it says on the tin. It gets you ready for the awesome but pretty challenging Ardrock event 2019  #ArdRockReady is a program, not just a singular event. It consists of 3 separate days of coaching, advised practise between sessions and support from our coaches on the weekend of the event.

In a nutshell: You’ll feel more confident about getting round, enjoying and riding fast at the amazing Ard Rock event.

Trails used:  Progressing from Blue / Red through to black to make you #ArdRockReady

If you’ve entered Ard Rock and feel like you need some support to truly conquer it, then this is the course for you. From their own first-hand experience, our coaches will take you through the skills and knowledge needed to make this event an awesome experience for you. Over the course of the program they will give you advice on how to build strength and stamina for the distances covered and will give you hints and tips about fuelling and race tactics to help you have your ‘best race’.

Course content

Session 1, Sunday  3rd February 2019 Fundamentals:

Getting the basic movements nailed. If you have already learnt these, it gives you chance to refine them. If you haven’t, then we will programme them into your riding. This is the platform for the rest of your training. You will use these skills thousands of times during the Ard Rock event.

Session 2, Saturday 6th April 2019, Advanced Flow:

Flow makes riding fun, easier and faster so this session is about improving timing and connection with the terrain. Getting this part of your training right will help you to really enjoy the Ard Rock trails.

Session 3, Saturday 29th June, Speed:

Line choice, energy management, braking efficiency and longer runs. This session will be refining your art so you’re #ArdRockReady!

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