Tech will give you the confidence to negotiate and stay in control on trails that many riders wouldn’t even walk down. Covering advanced techniques to keep you out of trouble and simplifying technical trails so you can keep having fun when things get serious.

In a nutshell: You’ll be confidently cruising through sketchy sections and understand how to approach very steep trails with total confidence.

Trails used: Steep, technical and rough Downhill/Enduro trails. Both manmade and natural.

The Tech course with show you how to handle the trickiest of trails and sketchiest of switchbacks with full confidence. You don’t always have to battle your way through technical sections; with good knowledge and solid techniques you can find flow and learn to relax on even the steepest of trails. This is an essential course for those travelling abroad or simply wanting to take their riding to the next level.

Course Content

Riding rough trails smoothly – How to generate and maintain speed, utilise effective braking and good line choice for riding faster.

Control on very steep sections – Simplifying steep and daunting sections of trail with great body position and brake control to effectively manage your speed and grip

Technical features – Using core skills and adapting existing techniques to ride very technical root and rock sections smoothly whilst maintaining your balance and sacred flow.

Steep cornering – Maintaining grip and speed on natural turns and steep switchback corners. Advanced braking techniques mastered to flow smoother in the steepest of corners.

Steep drop progression – When the ground steepens and speed increases small drops can become big news. We’ll look at the safe technique for dropping from height on to very steep landings in full control.

Progression session – Instructor led progression session with feedback and coaching on various parts of the trail. Building up to full runs, making sure everything has sunk in to find flow throughout.

Full day skills courses give you the chance to learn the techniques, session sections and ride with your coach; applying your new and improved skills to the trail whilst receiving constant feedback. Make sure you check the reviews below to see how other riders have benefited from this course.


Tech Reviews

"Just wanted to share that I have applied (tried to) straight leg position, the one we have been working on the tech course, on my last 23km ride in Swinley. You know, as advised, picking up trail which is relatively easy for practicing changes. I have managed to make 73 better times out of something like 95 sections without too much effort. Technique learned, with the proper body position, was definitely very helpful! On some bits which previously I was loosing momentum hanging above rear wheel I was able to go with decent speed and not having to pedal. Also, I noticed that it is more easy for me to maintain that position on clipless pedals. Could drop heels more with them. So it is definitely working🤙🤙 happy as a hippo 😎 Cheers Olly!"

Toby Box

"I booked the Tech course with Olly at Forest of Dean after doing the Airtime course the month before. Olly is a great instructor who makes the techniques easy to understand and gives incredibly useful and astute feedback. Within the first hour sections where before I'd be on the brakes and weight distribution all over the place I was suddenly clearing smoothly and carrying speed. A brilliant course that is sure to get you riding faster and smoother and picking better lines. As always I finished on something that had been scaring me, the GBU drop this time, job done!! Cheers Olly."

Andrew Larkin

"Had a great day with Joe on the Tech course at Hamsterley. He gave some great pointers on how to improve my technique- it's down to me to practice now! Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their control getting down the nasty stuff. Thanks Joe for showing an old dog new tricks!"


"Had a great day at fod on the tech course today , this is my second time with proride was on the air time course a few months ago as well, and that also greatly improved my riding ,Ben,s a great coach and will have you flying along in no time, if your thinking about doing it you will not regret it and on top of all that is a good laugh ."

Scott Harrington

"Had a great day at fod on the tech course today , this is my second time with proride was on the air time course a few months ago as well, and that also greatly improved my riding ,Ben,s a great coach and will have you flying along in no time, if your thinking about doing it you will not regret it and on top of all that is a good laugh ."

Gary Vallance

"The coaching was extremely effective. Ben encouraged me to continually push beyond my comfort zone. With his keen observations and concise pointers, I developed throughout each day until I was riding features with confidence that I would previously have worked round. Ben is an easy guy to get along with, and has a very personable approach, even when identifying bad habits! I suspect I was very fortunate in that the other delegates were of a similar levels of capability/bravery, but I felt like we progressed much farther than I would have expected. The venue is superbly matched to the course content. It seemed to provide the perfect range of progression within short riding distances, on an assortment of "real world" trail features. One of the reasons for choosing this course is that it didn't rely wholly on a "training" venue. It was helpful to see regular trail users ride the features that we were sessioning, and to ride full trails to incorporate techniques in context. The duration of the day worked well. We never felt like we were pushed for time, or "dragging it out" for the sake of it. Splitting the day into two short-ish halves meant I never felt over-loaded. The booking process was simple, responses to questions via email we prompt and helpful. Overall, an excellent experience, and great value for money. I'm looking forward to putting my newly learned techniques into practise, and although it might compromise my advantage, I'll be quick to recommend these courses to anyone that asks."

Neil Brammer

"What a great day’s training, fantastic. I look back now and can’t believe the difficult terrain I was able to tackle by the end of just one day. Joe has a relaxed teaching style and manages to coax the best out of everyone. 10 out of 10"

Paul Grave

"Tech was my second course with Pro Ride, two weeks earlier I had completed Flow. Joe is a fantastic coach. He’s excellent at articulating how you can improve your riding technique. 
He also keeps things fun and light-hearted which makes the day even more enjoyable. The Tech course took place on the Downhill tracks at Hamsterely. I had already ridden some of the trails so the terrain was familiar to me. It’s very steep, lots of roots and technically very challenging. 
We concentrated on riding steep switchbacks, sections with lots of roots, and generally riding over very rough terrain. The level of difficultly is a definite step up from Flow. Like with Flow, I was able to increase my confidence and improve my riding technique. 
Previously I would rather navigate around rough bits of track but now I can look up and focus on where I want to go. I could ride rough terrain with more speed and more confidence that I ever could. Another great course from Pro Ride."

John Tait

"Fuelled by the knowledge learned from my Progress course the day before, I joined up with Alex at the Forest of Dean for the Tech bike skills course. 
Just as the Progress course, Alex broke down the course into easy to follow simple steps for every part of the riding we faced. From off-camber roots, line choice, tight downhill switchbacks, drops, jumps and cornering.. 
I felt safer, faster and more confident entering sections of trail where previously I was nervous about riding. Alex infectious mountain bike coaching style is fantastic, I can’t recommend these guys enough.. 
I learned more in 2 days of courses than I would hope to pick up in a years riding/training on my own!"


"Booked as a warm up to an Alps trip. Was not sure what to expect as i’ve ridden at the forest of dean a few times. But now i will be smiling a whole lot more each time after a great day with Alex. 
Great mountain bike coaching, strips your riding down and builds it up bit by bit. Its the best investment to your riding you can do and i’ll be back for more when i need a pick me up! Cant wait to hit the trails again. Thanks"

Jon Chaggar-Brown (Digger)

"I’ve been grounded for a year, so was worried the Tech course would be too much...It was brilliant, no matter what level you ride at you’ll get a lot from the course and have a load of fun."

Adam Broadhurst

"A great day and just what I was hoping for, Joe gave me the tools to make myself a lot better rider. For anyone wanting to build on their skills, confidence and technique the Tech course is perfect."

Matthew Oaks

"The proof is in the racing, previously I was beating up to 21% of my category but at my last race I beat 63% of my category, 41st of 108 instead of near the bottom. 
After attending Progress and Flow with Joe and working on all his teaching it’s clear these guys know their stuff as my last race went down very well compared to my past results and I can’t think of anything else to attribute this to! 
I posted a review after Progress and couldn’t recommend them enough then and it’s still the same now but with added race results :) If you want to gain speed, flow, consistency and confidence these guys can help you. Bring on Air Time!"

Michael Wright + son Eli

"I’ll keep this short. It was as all the other reviews. Joe has sound knowledge, knows how to communicate. Professional stuff worth every penny. I’m back for more as when I get my new bike."

Darren Trevan

"Cracking day, knew I needed some help, but got more than I thought possible in a day! Tons to take away and put into practice, cheers Ben."

Alex Gregory

"Put simply it is without a doubt the best upgrade my bike has ever seen. We were lucky enough to ride with Ben who’s not only an exceptionally nice guy but an incredibly gifted rider and instructor. 
At the start of the day I had suggested that I would like to cover drops, jumps and steep descents as these were areas where I really struggled and normally dismounted. 
By the end of the day I was able to ride all these features with confidence and looking forward to improving further in the future. Thanks Team"


"the best upgrade to my bike ever! thanks joe"

Mark Petrie

"Course = Mega Joe = Mega Results = Mega A great day out on the bike with some like minded people. I have taken so much away front he course and so far the results are great. 
My confidence has increased as a result of being shown good technique and this can only pay off when taking on the bigger downs. Course comes highly recommended and can’t wait to do another."

James Ibbetson

"Brilliant day, came away with a improved knowledge and much better understand. Joe broke down every element of the day perfectly and went from riding the brakes to riding the bike!!!"

Iain Blair

"Many thanks to all at PRG, I really enjoyed the day and felt it has given me a lot of confidence to take forward into my riding. 
A special thanks to Joe F for your patience, professionalism and enthusiasm. As it turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks ;-)"

Sam Jones

"Me and a riding buddy wanted to hone our skills on the more technical side of Mountain Biking such as air time and drops and learn how to attack descents and trails with more efficiency. 
Our coach was Ben and he was excellent explained everything with sound logic and it all made complete sense, the skills we were taught are things that will make a massive difference to my riding. 
By the end of the day I was able to jump correctly and do sections that I would not have even considered before the course such as drop offs and getting air time. Would highly recommend this to any rider of any skill level as it’s worth every penny. Thanks again"

Nick smith

"One of the best day shredding. I’d lost a lot of confidence after some big smashes but after some expert tutoring by Joe I was doing stuff on the downhill track I probably would have walk before hand. Was brilliant thanks again."


"Just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable coaching day yesterday which far surpassed my expectations. 
I have to say Joe was spot-on with choice of venue and terrain resulting in the exact learning experience we were looking for. Great company from all was an added bonus."

Roy McClarty

"I’ve been years riding some racing back in the day, had a break and come back into it and love my biking and this course has improved my riding big time so when I’m flying down a hill I’m getting a buzz out of confidently and smoothly riding it instead of a buzz from just about making it! 
This is an investment in fun, go for it!"

Matt Hitchings

"A cracking day in the Forest of Dean and Ben was an excellent coach. I really enjoyed the whole experience and definitely ended the day feeling like I had learned so much and gained in confidence and mountain bike skills. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their riding."

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