Head coach for the South, Olly Morris races elite level DH, an expert coach with years of experience.
Olly is working with Cwmdown mtb uplifts to offer you some winter skills training at the awesome venue, Cwmcarn in South Wales.

If you’re an aspiring Downhill rider this is your chance to learn from the professionals about how to cut time and build confidence at speed on any track.

Analysis of proper race technique has not only shaped the way we ride at PRO RIDE, but also the techniques we coach. Olly will take you through a series of sessions with maximum speed in mind.

Course content

  • Set up: Making the bike fast
  • Warm up: Be ready for the first run
  • Start gate: Process for getting out of the gate, how to focus
  • Cornering faster: Series of corners, flow not frantic
  • Vision: Techniques to encourage looking forward
  • Speed: Scrubbing jumps and squashing drops
  • Lines: Choosing the fastest line for your style
  • Stability: Techniques for increased strength, balance and flow

What is provided?

  • Uplift provided by Cwmdown https://www.cwmdown.co.uk/
  • Video analysis skills training
  • The chance to ride with the professionals

This course is aimed at riders or racers aspiring to ride downhill faster, not novices. Give us a shout if you would like to know more.

7 spaces available.

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#DHSPEED Reviews

Mike Norman

"Did the DH Speed course with Pro Ride at Cwmcarn yesterday, our coaches were Olly Morris and Charlie Hatton. This was my second coaching session with Olly and his relaxed approach has you at ease straight away and his consistent process soon has you delivering the results. Charlie " the loon " Hatton was brilliant, bringing his own style and experience to the party. This is coaching that I believe will really help me..... cheers guys... was an awesome day."

Toby Box

"Just did DHSPEED yesterday, my 3rd course with Proride. As always Olly has a knack of making you feel comfortable and picking up on the things that really matter. There's no generic, youtube warrior advice here, just effective, real world instruction that is easy to understand and WILL make a difference to your riding. Getting to ride with both Olly and Charlie Hatton is not only a real pleasure but a huge eye opener and, if I'm honest, I'm probably going to do the course again as there is so much more to learn. Cheers guys and hopefully see you soon."

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